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Aide de Scilab >> CACSD (Computer Aided Control Systems Design)

CACSD (Computer Aided Control Systems Design)

  • Représentations formelles et conversions
    • lsslistDéfinition d'un système dynamique linéaire
    • abcdstate-space matrices
    • cont_frmtransfer to controllable state-space
    • dbphifrequency response to phase and magnitude representation
    • des2ssdescriptor to state-space
    • des2tfdescriptor to transfer function conversion
    • frep2tftransfer function realization from frequency response
    • markp2ssMarkov parameters to state-space
    • sm2dessystem matrix to descriptor
    • sm2sssystem matrix to state-space
    • ss2des(polynomial) state-space to descriptor form
    • ss2ssstate-space to state-space conversion, feedback, injection
    • ss2tfconversion from state-space to transfer function
    • tf2destransfer function to descriptor
    • tf2sstransfer to state-space
  • Plot and display
    • bode_asympasymptote de diagramme de Bode
    • blackBlack-Nichols diagram of a linear dynamical system
    • bodeBode plot
    • evansEvans root locus
    • gainplotmagnitude plot
    • hallchartDraws the Hall chart
    • m_circleplots the complex plane iso-gain contours of y/(1+y) (obsolete)
    • nicholschartNichols chart
    • nyquistnyquist plot
    • phaseplotfrequency phase plot
    • sgrids-plane grid lines.
    • show_marginsdisplay gain and phase margin and associated crossover frequencies
    • svplotsingular-value sigma-plot
    • zgridzgrid plot
  • noisegengénération de bruit
  • pol2desconversion matrice de polynômes vers forme descripteur
  • syslindéfinition d'un système dynamique linéaire
  • abinvAB invariant subspace
  • arhnkHankel norm approximant
  • arl2SISO model realization by L2 transfer approximation
  • armaScilab arma library
  • arma2pextract polynomial matrices from ar representation
  • arma2sstransform an armax data structure into state space representation.
  • armacScilab description of an armax process
  • armaxarmax identification
  • armax1armax identification
  • arsimularmax simulation
  • augmentaugmented plant
  • balrealbalanced realization
  • bilingeneral bilinear transform
  • bstaphankel approximant
  • cainvDual of abinv
  • calfrqfrequency response discretization
  • canoncanonical controllable form
  • ccontrgCentral H-infinity continuous time controller
  • cls2dlsbilinear transform
  • colinoutinner-outer factorization
  • colregulremoving poles and zeros at infinity
  • cont_matcontrollability matrix
  • contrcontrollability, controllable subspace, staircase
  • contrsscontrollable part
  • copfacright coprime factorization of continuous time dynamical systems
  • csimsimulation (time response) of linear system
  • ctr_gramcontrollability gramian
  • dampNatural frequencies and damping factors.
  • dcfdouble coprime factorization
  • ddpdisturbance decoupling
  • dhinfH_infinity design of discrete-time systems
  • dhnormdiscrete H-infinity norm
  • dscrdiscretization of linear system
  • dsimulstate space discrete time simulation
  • dt_ilitydetectability test
  • dtsiContinuous time dynamical systems stable anti-stable decomposition
  • equilbalancing of pair of symmetric matrices
  • equil1balancing (nonnegative) pair of matrices
  • feedbackfeedback operation
  • findABCDdiscrete-time system subspace identification
  • findACdiscrete-time system subspace identification
  • findBDinitial state and system matrices B and D of a discrete-time system
  • findBDKKalman gain and B D system matrices of a discrete-time system
  • findRPreprocessor for estimating the matrices of a linear time-invariant dynamical system
  • findx0BDEstimates state and B and D matrices of a discrete-time linear system
  • fltstime response (discrete time, sampled system)
  • fourplanaugmented plant to four plants
  • freqfrequency response
  • fresonpeak frequencies
  • fspecspectral factorization of continuous time dynamical systems
  • fspecgstable factorization of continuous time dynamical systems
  • fstabstYoula's parametrization of continuous time linear dynmaical systems
  • g_margingain margin and associated crossover frequency
  • gamitgH-infinity gamma iterations for continuous time systems
  • gcareContinuous time control Riccati equation
  • gfareContinuous time filter Riccati equation
  • gfrancisFrancis equations for tracking
  • gtildtilde operation
  • h2normH2 norm of a continuous time proper dynamical system
  • h_clclosed loop matrix
  • h_infContinuous time H-infinity (central) controller
  • h_inf_ststatic H_infinity problem
  • h_normH-infinity norm
  • hankelsvHankel singular values
  • hinfH_infinity design of continuous-time systems
  • imrep2ssstate-space realization of an impulse response
  • inistateEstimates the initial state of a discrete-time system
  • invsyslinsystem inversion
  • kpurecontinuous SISO system limit feedback gain
  • krac2continuous SISO system limit feedback gain
  • lcfContinuous time dynamical systems normalized coprime factorization
  • leqrH-infinity LQ gain (full state)
  • lftlinear fractional transformation
  • linlinearization
  • linfinfinity norm
  • linfninfinity norm
  • linmeqSylvester and Lyapunov equations solver
  • lqelinear quadratic estimator (Kalman Filter)
  • lqgLQG compensator
  • lqg2stanLQG to standard problem
  • lqg_ltrLQG with loop transform recovery
  • lqrLQ compensator (full state)
  • ltitrdiscrete time response (state space)
  • macglovContinuous time dynamical systems Mac Farlane Glover problem
  • minrealminimal balanced realization
  • minssminimal realization
  • mucompmu (structured singular value) calculation
  • narsimularmax simulation (using rtitr)
  • nehariNehari approximant of continuous time dynamical systems
  • nyquistfrequencyboundsComputes the frequencies for which the nyquist locus enters and leaves a given rectangle.
  • obs_gramobservability gramian
  • obscontobserver based controller
  • observerobserver design
  • obsv_matobservability matrix
  • obsvssobservable part
  • p_marginphase margin and associated crossover frequency
  • parrotParrot's problem
  • pfsspartial fraction decomposition
  • phasemagphase and magnitude computation
  • plzrpole-zero plot
  • ppolpole placement
  • prbs_apseudo random binary sequences generation
  • projsllinear system projection
  • repfreqfrequency response
  • ric_descRiccati equation
  • riccRiccati equation
  • riccatiRiccati equation
  • routh_tRouth's table
  • rowinoutinner-outer factorization
  • rowregulremoving poles and zeros at infinity
  • rtitrdiscrete time response (transfer matrix)
  • sensisensitivity functions
  • sidentdiscrete-time state-space realization and Kalman gain
  • sordercomputing the order of a discrete-time system
  • specfactspectral factor
  • ssprintpretty print for linear system
  • st_ilitystabilizability test
  • stabilstabilization
  • sysfactsystem factorization
  • syssizesize of state-space system
  • time_idSISO least square identification
  • trzerostransmission zeros and normal rank
  • ui_observerunknown input observer
  • unobsunobservable subspace
  • zeropenzero pencil
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