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Aide de Scilab >> CACSD (Computer Aided Control Systems Design) > cls2dls


bilinear transform

Calling Sequence

[sl1]=cls2dls(sl,T [,fp])



linear systems (syslin lists)


real number, the sampling period


pre-warping frequency in hertz


given sl=[A,B,C,D] (syslin list),a continuous time system cls2dls returns the sampled system obtained by the bilinear transform s=(2/T)*(z-1)/(z+1).


sl=syslin('c',(s+1)/(s^2-5*s+2));  //Continuous-time system in transfer form
slss=tf2ss(sl);  //Now in state-space form
sl1=cls2dls(slss,0.2);  //sl1= output of cls2dls
sl1t=ss2tf(sl1) // Converts in transfer form
sl2=horner(sl,(2/0.2)*(z-1)/(z+1))   //Compare sl2 and sl1

See Also

  • horner — évaluation d'un polynôme ou d'une fraction rationnelle
  • syslin — définition d'un système dynamique linéaire
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