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Scilab help >> CACSD (Computer Aided Control Systems Design) > dtsi


Continuous time dynamical systems stable anti-stable decomposition

Calling Sequence




a continuous time linear system.


a continuous time linear system antistable and strictly proper.


a continuous time linear system stable and strictly proper.


real matrix (or polynomial matrix for improper systems)


optional parameter for detecting stables poles. Default value: 100*%eps


returns the stable-antistable decomposition of G:

G= Ga + Gs + Gi, (Gi = G(oo))

G can be given in state-space form or in transfer form.

Ga and Gs are returned in the same representation (transfer function or state-space) than G.

See Also

  • syslin — linear system definition
  • pbig — eigen-projection
  • psmall — spectral projection
  • pfss — partial fraction decomposition


5.4.0 Sl is now checked for continuous time linear dynamical system. This modification has been introduced by this commit
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