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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 5.5.2. This page might be outdated.
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  • Scilab keywords
    • ansanswer
    • backslashleft matrix division.
    • brackets([,]) left and right brackets
    • casekeyword used in select
    • colon(:) colon operator
    • comma(,) column, instruction, argument separator
    • commentscomments
    • comparisoncomparison, relational operators
    • dolanguage keyword for loops
    • dot(.) symbol
    • elsekeyword in if-then-else
    • elseifkeyword in if-then-else
    • empty([]) empty matrix
    • endend keyword
    • equal(=) assignment , comparison, equal sign
    • forlanguage keyword for loops
    • globalDefine global variable
    • hat(^) exponentiation
    • ifconditional execution
    • left([) left bracket
    • less(<) greater than comparison
    • minus(-) substraction operator, sign changes
    • not(~) logical not
    • parents( ) left and right parenthesis
    • percent(%) special character
    • plus(+) addition operator
    • powerpower operation (^,.^)
    • quote(') transpose operator, string delimiter
    • returnreturn or resume execution and copy some local variables
    • selectselect keyword
    • semicolonending expression and row separator
    • slash(/) right division and feed back
    • star(*) multiplication operator
    • thenkeyword in if-then-else
    • tilda(~) logical not
    • trybeginning of catch block in try-catch control instruction
    • whilewhile keyword
  • TMPDIRtemporary directory path
  • abortinterrupt evaluation.
  • add_demoAdd an entry in the demos list
  • argnReturns the number of input/output arguments in a function call
  • bannershow scilab banner (Windows)
  • booleanScilab Objects, boolean variables and operators & | ~
  • breakkeyword to interrupt loops
  • clearkills variables
  • clearfunremove primitive.
  • clearglobalkills global variables
  • compscilab function compilation
  • continuekeyword to pass control to the next iteration of a loop
  • debugdebugging level
  • delbptdelete breakpoints
  • dispbptdisplay breakpoints
  • editfunction editing
  • errcatcherror trapping
  • errclearerror clearing
  • errorerror messages
  • error_tabletable of error messages
  • existschecks variable existence
  • exitEnds the current Scilab session
  • externalScilab Object, external function or routine
  • extractionmatrix and list entry extraction
  • formatnumber printing and display format
  • funcprotswitch scilab functions protection mode
  • funptrcoding of primitives ( wizard stuff )
  • getdebuginfoget information about Scilab to debug
  • getmd5get md5 checksum
  • getmemoryreturns free and total system memory
  • getmodulesreturns list of modules installed in Scilab
  • getosreturn Operating System name and version
  • getscilabmodereturns scilab mode
  • getshellreturns current command interpreter.
  • getvariablesonstackget variable names on stack of scilab
  • getversionget scilab and modules version information
  • gstacksizeset/get scilab global stack size
  • ieeeset floating point exception mode
  • insertionpartial variable assignation
  • intpptyset interface argument passing properties
  • inv_coeffbuild a polynomial matrix from its coefficients
  • iserrorerror occurence test
  • isglobalcheck if a variable is global
  • lasterrorget last recorded error message
  • macr2lstfunction to list conversion
  • macr2treefunction to tree conversion
  • matricesScilab object, matrices in Scilab
  • matrixreshape a vector or a matrix to a different size matrix
  • modeselect a mode in exec file
  • mtlb_modeswitch Matlab like operations
  • namesscilab names syntax
  • newfunadd a name in the table of functions
  • nulldelete an element in a list
  • pausepause mode, invoke keyboard
  • perlCall Perl script using appropriate operating system executable
  • polypolynomial definition
  • predefvariable protection
  • quitTerminates Scilab or decreases the pause level
  • rationalScilab objects, rational in Scilab
  • readgatewayget primitives list of a module
  • resumereturn or resume execution and copy some local variables
  • sciargsscilab command line arguments
  • scilabMain script to start Scilab and miscellaneous tools (GNU/Linux, Unix and Mac OS X)
  • setbptset breakpoints
  • stacksizeset scilab stack size
  • startupstartup file
  • symbolsscilab operator names
  • testmatrixgenerate special matrices, such as Hilbert, Franck
  • typeReturns the type of a variable
  • typenameassociates a name to variable type
  • userinterfacing a Fortran or C routine
  • varnsymbolic variable of a polynomial
  • verVersion information for Scilab
  • warningwarning messages
  • whatlist the Scilab primitives
  • whereget current instruction calling tree
  • whereamidisplay current instruction calling tree
  • wholisting of variables
  • who_userlisting of user's variables
  • whoslisting of variables in long form
  • with_atlasChecks if Scilab has been built with Atlas Library
  • with_javasciChecks if Scilab has been built with the java interface
  • with_macros_sourceChecks if macros source are installed
  • with_moduleChecks if a Scilab module is installed
  • with_pvmChecks if Scilab has been built with the "Parallel Virtual Machine" interface
  • with_texmacsChecks if Scilab has been called by texmacs
  • with_tkChecks if Scilab has been built with TCL/TK


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