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Scilab help >> Statistics


  • cdfbetcumulative distribution function Beta distribution
  • cdfbincumulative distribution function Binomial distribution
  • cdfchicumulative distribution function chi-square distribution
  • cdfchncumulative distribution function non-central chi-square distribution
  • cdffcumulative distribution function F distribution
  • cdffnccumulative distribution function non-central f-distribution
  • cdfgamcumulative distribution function gamma distribution
  • cdfnbncumulative distribution function negative binomial distribution
  • cdfnorcumulative distribution function normal distribution
  • cdfpoicumulative distribution function poisson distribution
  • cdftcumulative distribution function Student's T distribution
  • centercenter
  • wcentercenter and weight
  • cmomentcentral moments of all orders
  • correlcorrelation of two variables
  • covarcovariance of two variables
  • ftestFischer ratio
  • ftuneqFischer ratio for samples of unequal size.
  • geomeangeometric mean
  • harmeanharmonic mean
  • iqrinterquartile range
  • madmean absolute deviation
  • meanmean (row mean, column mean) of vector/matrix entries
  • meanfweighted mean of a vector or a matrix
  • medianmedian (row median, column median,...) of vector/matrix/array entries
  • momentnon central moments of all orders
  • msdmean squared deviation
  • mvvacovcomputes variance-covariance matrix
  • nancumsumThos function returns the cumulative sum of the values of a matrix
  • nand2meandifference of the means of two independent samples
  • nanmaxmax (ignoring Nan's)
  • nanmeanmean (ignoring Nan's)
  • nanmeanfmean (ignoring Nan's) with a given frequency.
  • nanmedianmedian of the values of a numerical vector or matrix
  • nanminmin (ignoring Nan's)
  • nanstdevstandard deviation (ignoring the NANs).
  • nansumSum of values ignoring NAN's
  • nfreqfrequence of the values in a vector or matrix
  • pcaComputes principal components analysis with standardized variables
  • perctlcomputation of percentils
  • princompPrincipal components analysis
  • quartcomputation of quartiles
  • regressregression coefficients of two variables
  • sampleSampling with replacement
  • samplefsample with replacement from a population and frequences of his values.
  • samwrSampling without replacement
  • show_pcaVisualization of principal components analysis results
  • st_deviationstandard deviation (row or column-wise) of vector/matrix entries
  • stdevfstandard deviation
  • strangerange
  • tabulfrequency of values of a matrix or vector
  • thrownanEliminates nan values
  • trimmeantrimmed mean of a vector or a matrix
  • variancevariance of the values of a vector or matrix
  • variancefstandard deviation of the values of a vector or matrix
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