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Aide de Scilab >> Chaînes de caractères

Chaînes de caractères

  • asciistring ASCII conversions
  • asciimatConverts an array of text into ASCII/UTF8 codes, and reciprocally
  • blankscreate string of blank characters
  • charconverts in a character array
  • convstrcase conversion
  • emptystrzero length string
  • evstrévalue des expressions Scilab et concatène leurs résultats
  • grepfind matches of a string in a vector of strings
  • isalphanumcheck that characters of a string are alphanumerics
  • isasciiTests if every character of given strings is 7-bit US-ASCII
  • isdigitcheck that characters of a string are digits between 0 and 9
  • islettercheck that characters of a string are alphabetic letters
  • isnumteste si une chaîne de caractères représente un nombre
  • justifyaligns strings in columns to the left, center, or right
  • lengthNumber of characters of a string. Number of elements of an array or list.
  • partExtraction of characters from strings
  • prettyprintConverts a Scilab object into some corresponding LaTeX, TeX, MathML or HTML strings
  • regexpfind a substring that matches the regular expression string
  • sci2expreturns a string able to generate a given Scilab object
  • strcatconcatenates character strings
  • strchrfind the first occurrence of a character in a string
  • strcmpcompare character strings
  • strcspnlengths from the beginning of strings until a character among those prohibited
  • strindexsearch position of a character string in another string
  • stringconversion en chaîne de caractères
  • stripblanksstrips / trims leading or trailing or both blanks (and tabs) of strings
  • strncpygets and gives the N first characters of the given strings
  • strrchrfind the last occurrence of a character in a string
  • strrevReverses the order of characters in the given strings
  • strsplitsplit a single string at some given positions or patterns
  • strspnlengths of the beginning of strings as long as characters are among those allowed
  • strstrTail of a string starting from the 1st occurrrence of a given fragment
  • strsubstsubstitute a character string by another in a character string
  • strtodconvertit chaque nombre décimal littéral (chaine de caractères) en sa valeur numérique
  • strtoksplit string into tokens
  • tokenposreturns the tokens positions in a character string
  • tokensSplits a string using separators and gives its chunks
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