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Aide de Scilab >> Documentation : gestion

Documentation : gestion

  • utilities
    • %helpsvariable globale : chemins des répertoires d'aide des modules externes chargés en session
    • add_help_chapterAdd an entry in the help list
    • del_help_chapterDelete an entry in the help list
    • help_from_sciGenerate help files and demo files from the head comments section of a .sci source file.
    • help_skeletonbuild the skeleton of the xml help file associated to a Scilab function
    • Link toolbox help with Scilab oneHow to make hyperlink in toolbox help pointing to Scilab's items
    • Scilab documentation formaton line help XML file description format
    • maneditediting a manual item
    • xmltohtmlconverts xml Scilab help files to HTML format
    • xmltojarconverts xml Scilab help files to javaHelp format
    • xmltopdfconverts xml Scilab help files to pdf format
    • xmltopsconverts xml Scilab help files to postscript format
  • aproposrecherche d'un mot-clé dans l'aide de Scilab
  • head_commentsdisplay Scilab function header comments
  • helpqueries and displays help pages in the Scilab help browser
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