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Manual Scilab >> Processamento de Sinais

Processamento de Sinais

  • How to
  • SignalSignal manual description
  • analpfcreate analog low-pass filter
  • biltbilinear or biquadratic transform SISO system given by a zero/poles representation
  • buttmagresponse of Butterworth filter
  • casccascade realization of filter from coefficients
  • cepstrumcepstrum calculation
  • cheb1magresponse of Chebyshev type 1 filter
  • cheb2magresponse of type 2 Chebyshev filter
  • chepolChebychev polynomial
  • convolconvolution
  • corrcorrelation, covariance
  • cspecttwo sided cross-spectral estimate between 2 discrete time signals using the correlation method
  • cztchirp z-transform algorithm
  • detrendremove constant, linear or piecewise linear trend from a vector
  • dftdiscrete Fourier transform
  • ell1magmagnitude of elliptic filter
  • eqfirminimax approximation of FIR filter
  • eqiirDesign of iir filters
  • faurrefilter computation by simple Faurre algorithm
  • ffiltcoefficients of FIR low-pass
  • fftfast Fourier transform.
  • fft2two-dimension fast Fourier transform
  • fftshiftrearranges the fft output, moving the zero frequency to the center of the spectrum
  • filt_sincsamples of sinc function
  • filterfilters a data sequence using a digital filter
  • find_freqparameter compatibility for elliptic filter design
  • findmfor elliptic filter design
  • frfitfrequency response fit
  • frmagmagnitude of FIR and IIR filters
  • fsfirlindesign of FIR, linear phase filters, frequency sampling technique
  • groupgroup delay for digital filter
  • hankcovariance to hankel matrix
  • hilbFIR approximation to a Hilbert transform filter
  • hilbertDiscrete-time analytic signal computation of a real signal using Hilbert transform
  • iiriir digital filter
  • iirgroupgroup delay Lp IIR filter optimization
  • iirlpLp IIR filter optimization
  • intdecChanges sampling rate of a signal
  • jmatrow or column block permutation
  • kalmKalman update
  • lattnrecursive solution of normal equations
  • lattplattp
  • levYule-Walker equations (Levinson's algorithm)
  • levinToeplitz system solver by Levinson algorithm (multidimensional)
  • lindquistLindquist's algorithm
  • mesemaximum entropy spectral estimation
  • mfftmulti-dimensional fft
  • mrfitfrequency response fit
  • asnelliptic integral
  • kJacobi's complete elliptic integral
  • snJacobi 's elliptic function
  • phcMarkovian representation
  • pspecttwo sided cross-spectral estimate between 2 discrete time signals using the Welch's average periodogram method.
  • remezRemez exchange algorithm for the weighted chebyshev approximation of a continuous function with a sum of cosines.
  • remezbMinimax approximation of magnitude response
  • rpemRecursive Prediction-Error Minimization estimation
  • sincddigital sinc function or Direchlet kernel
  • srfaursquare-root algorithm
  • srkfsquare root Kalman filter
  • sskfsteady-state Kalman filter
  • syrediDesign of iir filters, syredi code interface
  • systemobservation update
  • translow-pass to other filter transform
  • wfirlinear-phase FIR filters
  • wienerWiener estimate
  • wigner'time-frequency' wigner spectrum
  • windowcompute symmetric window of various type
  • yulewalkleast-square filter design
  • zpbuttButterworth analog filter
  • zpch1Chebyshev analog filter
  • zpch2Chebyshev analog filter
  • zpelllowpass elliptic filter
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