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Continuous linear system with jump

Block Screenshot


This block realizes a continuous-time linear state-space system with the possibility of jumps in the state. The number of inputs to this block is two. The first input is the regular input of the linear system, the second carries the new value of the state which is copied into the state when an event arrives at the unique event input port of this block. That means the state of the system jumps to the value present on the second input (of size equal to that of the state). The system is defined by the (A,B,C,D) matrices and the initial state x_0. The dimensions must be compatible. The sizes of inputs and outputs are adjusted automatically.


  • A matrix

    A square matrix.

    Properties : Type 'mat' of size [-1,-1].

  • B matrix

    The B matrix, [] if system has no input.

    Properties : Type 'mat' of size ["size(%1,2)","-1"].

  • C matrix

    The C matrix , [] if system has no output.

    Properties : Type 'mat' of size ["-1","size(%1,2)"].

  • D matrix

    The D matrix, [] if system has no D term.

    Properties : Type 'mat' of size [-1,-1].

  • Initial state

    A vector/scalar initial state of the system.

    Properties : Type 'vec' of size "size(%1,2)".

Default properties

  • always active: yes

  • direct-feedthrough: no

  • zero-crossing: no

  • mode: no

  • regular inputs:

    - port 1 : size [1,1] / type 1

    - port 2 : size [1,1] / type 1

  • regular outputs:

    - port 1 : size [1,1] / type 1

  • number/sizes of activation inputs: 1

  • number/sizes of activation outputs: 0

  • continuous-time state: yes

  • discrete-time state: no

  • object discrete-time state: no

  • name of computational function: tcslti4

Interfacing function

  • SCI/modules/scicos_blocks/macros/Linear/TCLSS.sci

Computational function

  • SCI/modules/scicos_blocks/src/c/tcslti4.c (Type 4)


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