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A boolean variable is %T (for "true") or %F (for "false"). These variables can be used to define matrices of booleans, with the usual syntax. Boolean matrices can be manipulated as ordinary matrices for elements extraction/insertion and concatenation. Note that other usual operations (+, *, -, ^, etc) are undefined for booleans matrices, three special operators are defined for boolean matrices:


is the element wise negation of boolean b (matrix).


is the element wise logical and of b1 and b2 (matrices).


is the element wise logical or of b1 and b2 (matrices).

Boolean variables can be used for indexing matrices or vectors.

For instance a([%T,%F,%T],:) returns the submatrix made of rows 1 and 3 of a. Boolean sparse matrices are supported.


a=1:5; a(a>2)

See Also

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  • not — (~) logical not
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