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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
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Manuel Scilab >> Chaînes de caractères

Chaînes de caractères

  • evalévaluation d'une matrice de chaînes de caractères
  • evstrévaluation d'une expression
  • stringconversion en chaîne de caractères
  • asciistring ascii conversions
  • blanksCreate string of blank characters
  • code2strreturns character string associated with Scilab integer codes.
  • convstrcase conversion
  • emptystrzero length string
  • grepfind matches of a string in a vector of strings
  • isalphanumcheck that characters of a string are alphanumerics
  • isasciitests if character is a 7-bit US-ASCII character
  • isdigitcheck that characters of a string are digits between 0 and 9
  • islettercheck that characters of a string are alphabetics letters
  • isnumtests if a string represents a number
  • justifyJustify character array.
  • lengthlength of object
  • partextraction of strings
  • regexpfind a substring that matches the regular expression string
  • sci2expconverts an expression to a string
  • str2codereturn scilab integer codes associated with a character string
  • strcatconcatenate character strings
  • strchrFind the first occurrence of a character in a string
  • strcmpcompare character strings
  • strcmpicompare character strings (case independent)
  • strcspnGet span until character in string
  • strindexsearch position of a character string in an other string.
  • stringsScilab Object, character strings
  • stripblanksStrips / trims leading and trailing blanks (and tabs) of strings
  • strncmpCopy characters from strings
  • strrchrFind the last occurrence of a character in a string
  • strrevreturns string reversed
  • strsplitsplit a string into a vector of strings
  • strspnGet span of character set in string
  • strstrLocate substring
  • strsubstsubstitute a character string by another in a character string.
  • strtodConvert string to double.
  • strtokSplit string into tokens
  • tokenposreturns the tokens positions in a character string.
  • tokensreturns the tokens of a character string.
  • tree2codegenerates ascii definition of a Scilab function
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