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Manuel Scilab >> Graphiques: export et impression

Graphiques: export et impression

  • xendtermine la session graphique courante
  • xinitInitialisation d'un pilote graphique
  • driverselect a graphics driver
  • xs2bmpsend graphics to a BMP file.
  • xs2emfsend graphics to an EMF file (Only for Windows).
  • xs2epssend graphics to an EPS file.
  • xs2figsend graphics to a FIG file.
  • xs2gifsend graphics to a GIF file.
  • xs2jpgsend graphics to a JPG file.
  • xs2pdfsave graphics to a PDF file.
  • xs2pngsend graphics to a PNG file.
  • xs2ppmsend graphics to a PPM file.
  • xs2pssend graphics to a PS file.
  • xs2svgsave graphics to a SVG file.
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