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logical and of the elements of an array

Calling Sequence

b=and(A), b=and(A,'*')
b=and(A,'r'), b=and(A,1)
b=and(A,'c'), b=and(A,2)


and(A) is the logical AND of elements of the boolean matrix A. and(A) returns %T ("true") if all entries of A are %T.

and([]) returns %T.

y=and(A,'r') (or, equivalently, y=and(A,1)) is the rowwise and. It returns in each entry of the row vector y the and of the rows of x (The and is performed on the row index : y(j)= and(A(i,j),i=1,m)).

y=and(A,'c') (or, equivalently, y=and(A,2)) is the columnwise and. It returns in each entry of the column vector y the and of the columns of x (The and is performed on the column index: y(i)= and(A(i,j),j=1,n))).

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