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sets the x-axis label


sets the y-axis label


sets the z-axis label

Calling Sequence

xlabel([axis_handle], label, [property_name, property_value,...])
ylabel([axis_handle], label, [property_name, property_value,...])
zlabel([axis_handle], label, [property_name, property_value,...])



a string, containing the label value.


an optional handle, to specify the axes for which the label is set.

[property_name, property_value,...]

an optional sequence of name-value pairs, to specify the text properties of the label (related to the text properties described here).

The available properties for x-y-zlabel are:

  • "visible": "on" or "off"

  • "fontsize": size of font (constant)

  • "fontname": ten font names are available (case unsensitive string or related id number): "courrier" | 0, "symbol" | 1, "times" | 2, "times italic" | 3, "times bold" | 4, "times bold italic" | 5, "helvetica" | 6, "helvetica italic" | 7, "helvetica bold" | 8, "helvetica bold italic" | 9.

  • "rotation": angle in degrees (constant)

  • "position": position of label (2d vector)

  • "color": the color of font (a string value chosen among ["red","green","blue","cyan","magenta","yellow","black","white"], or a RGB matrix value)

  • "edgecolor": the color of line around the text (a string value chosen among ["red","green","blue","cyan","magenta","yellow","black","white"], or a RGB matrix value)

  • "background": the color of background around the text (a string value chosen among ["red","green","blue","cyan","magenta","yellow","black","white"], or a RGB matrix value)


xlabel, ylabel, zlabel are used to label the x-, y-, and z-axis, respectively.

Each label appears beneath its respective axis in a two-dimensional plot and to the side or beneath the axis in a three-dimensional plot.


t = linspace(-2*%pi, 2*%pi, 30);

plot(t, sin(t), "r");
xlabel("t", "fontsize", 2);
axis1_handle = gca();

plot(t, cos(t), "b");
xlabel("t", "fontsize", 2);
ylabel("cos(t)", "fontsize", 6, "color", "blue");

ylabel(axis1_handle, "sin(t)", "fontsize", 6, "color", "red");

See Also

  • title — Exibe um título em uma janela gráfica
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