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However, this page did not exist in the previous stable version.

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stable anti-stable decomposition

Calling Sequence




linear system (syslin list)


linear system (syslin list) antistable and strictly proper


linear system (syslin list) stable and strictly proper


real matrix (or polynomial matrix for improper systems)


optional parameter for detecting stables poles. Default value: 100*%eps


returns the stable-antistable decomposition of G:

G = Ga + Gs + Gi, (Gi = G(oo))

G can be given in state-space form or in transfer form.

See Also

  • syslin — définition d'un système dynamique linéaire
  • pbig — projection sur des sous-espaces propres
  • psmall — spectral projection
  • pfss — partial fraction decomposition
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