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AND applied to binary representation of input arguments

Calling Sequence




scalar/vector/matrix of positives integers


scalar/vector/matrix of positives integers


scalar/vector/matrix of positives integers


Given x and y two positives integers, this function returns z the decimal number whose the binary form is the AND of the binary representations of x and y. (x, y, z have the same size. If dimension of x (and y) is superior than 1 then z(i) is equal to bitand(x(i),y(i)).


// example 1 :
// '1010110' : is the binary representation of 86 
// '1011011' : is the binary representation of 91   
// '1010010' : is the binary representation for the AND of binary representation 86 and 91 
// so the decimal number corresponding to the AND  applied to binary forms 86 and 91 is : 82
x=86; y=91

// example 2 :
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