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Opens a block of instructions iterated on a heading condition


The while clause must be terminated by "end".

while expr ,instructions,..., end

while expr do instructions,..., end

while expr then instructions,..., end


  • The only constraint is that each then or do keyword must be on the same line as while keyword.

  • Keywords then or do can be replaced by a carriage return or a comma. For compatibility with Matlab it is also possible, but not recommended, to put a space between the end of the expression and the beginning of the first instruction.

According to the Code Conventions for the Scilab Programming Language it is recommended:

  • Start each statement on a new line.

  • Write no more than one simple statement per line.

  • Break compound statements over multiple lines.

For example, use:

i = 0;
while i<5
    i = i + 1;

rather than

i = 0; while i<5, disp(i), i = i + 1; end
The number of characters used to define the body of any conditional instruction (if while for or select/case) must be limited to 16k.


e=1; a=1; k=1;
while norm(a-(a+e),1) > %eps,

See also

  • |, || — Binary OR between integers. Logical OR over/between booleans and numbers
  • &, && — Binary AND between integers. Logical AND over/between booleans and numbers
  • break — keyword to interrupt loops
  • for — keyword entering a non-conditional loop
  • select — select keyword


  • The [,else instructions] syntax is no longer supported.
  • while is now protected: Assignments like while=1 are no longer possible.
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