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Scilab Help >> Graphics


  • 2d_plot
    • LineSpecto quickly customize the lines appearance in a plot
    • Matplot2D plot of a matrix using colors
    • Matplot12D plot of a matrix using colors
    • Matplot propertiesDescription of the Matplot entities properties
    • Sfgrayplotsmooth 2D plot of a surface defined by a function using colors
    • Sgrayplotsmooth 2D plot of a surface using colors
    • champ2D vector field plot
    • champ12D vector field plot with colored arrows (obsolete)
    • champ propertiesdescription of the 2D vector field entity properties
    • comet2D comet animated plot
    • contour2dlevel curves of a surface on a 2D plot
    • contour2dicompute level curves of a surface on a 2D plot
    • contour2dmcompute level curves of a surface defined with a mesh
    • contourffilled level curves of a surface on a 2D plot
    • errbaradd vertical error bars on a 2D plot
    • fchampdirection field of a 2D first order ODE
    • fecpseudo-color plot of a function defined on a mesh
    • fec propertiesdescription of the fec entities properties
    • fgrayplot2D plot of a surface defined by a function using colors
    • fplot2d2D plot of a curve defined by a function
    • grayplot2D plot of a surface using colors
    • grayplot propertiesdescription of the grayplot entities properties
    • graypolarplotPolar 2D plot of a surface using colors
    • histplotplot a histogram
    • paramfplot2danimated plot of a 2D parametrized curve.
    • plot2D plot
    • plot2d2D plot
    • plot2d22D plot (step function)
    • plot2d32D plot (vertical bars)
    • plot2d42D plot (arrows style)
    • plotimplicitPlots the (x,y) lines solving an implicit equation or Function(x,y)=0
    • polarplotPlot polar coordinates
    • scatter2D scatter plot
  • 3d_plot
    • bar3d3D representation of a histogram
    • comet3d3D comet animated plot
    • contourlevel curves on a 3D surface
    • eval3dpcompute facets of a 3D parametric surface
    • fplot3d3D plot of a surface defined by a function
    • fplot3d13D gray or color level plot of a surface defined by a function
    • genfac3dCompute facets of a 3D surface
    • geom3dprojection from 3D on 2D after a 3D plot
    • hist3d3D representation of a histogram (obsolete)
    • mesh3D mesh plot
    • nf3dRectangular facets to plot3d parameters
    • param3d1plots a set of curves in a 3D cartesian frame. 1D mesh plot
    • param3d propertiesdescription of the 3D curves entities properties
    • plot3d3D plot of a surface
    • plot3d13D gray or color level plot of a surface
    • plot3d2plot surface defined by rectangular facets
    • plot3d3mesh plot surface defined by rectangular facets
    • scatter33D scatter plot (obsolete)
    • secto3d3D surfaces conversion
    • surf3D surface plot
    • surface propertiesdescription of the 3D entities properties
  • annotation
  • axes_operations
    • axes propertiesdescription of the axes entity properties
    • gcaReturn handle of current axes.
    • gdaReturn handle of default axes.
    • isoviewtunes isometric rendering of graphical axes
    • newaxesCreates a new Axes entity
    • plotframeplot a frame with scaling and grids. This function is obsolete.
    • replotreframes with new boundaries the current or a given set of axes
    • rotate_axesInteractive rotation of an Axes handle.
    • scaset the current axes entity
    • sdaSet default axes.
    • subplotsets the current axes to a chosen cell of the current gridded figure
    • unzoomunzoom graphics
    • xgridadd a grid on a 2D or 3D plot
    • xsetechset the sub-window of a graphics window for plotting
    • zoom_rectzoom a selection of the current graphic figure
  • axis
  • bar_histogram
    • barbar histogram
    • barhhorizontal display of bar histogram
    • barhomogenizehomogenize all the bars included in the current working axes
  • Color management
  • Datatips
  • figure_operations
    • anti_aliasingFigure's property smoothing the stair-like aspect when rendering curves
    • clfClears and resets a figure or a frame uicontrol
    • colordefSet the color look-and-feel of a given or of all forthcoming graphic figures
    • drawlatermakes axes children invisible.
    • drawnowdraw hidden graphics entities.
    • figure propertiesdescription of the graphics figure entity properties
    • gcfReturn handle of current graphic window.
    • gdfReturn handle of default figure.
    • pixel_drawing_modeFigure's property setting the RGBwise pixels update mode when drawing
    • scfset the current graphic figure (window)
    • sdfreSets the properties of the Default Figure to their factory values
    • show_windowraises a graphics window
    • winsidreturn the list of graphics windows
    • xdeldelete a graphics window
    • xnamechange the name of the current graphics window
  • geometric_shapes
    • arc propertiesdescription of the Arc entity properties
    • rectangle propertiesdescription of the Rectangle entity properties
    • Segments propertiesdescription of the Segments entity properties
    • xarcdraw a part of an ellipse
    • xarcsdraw parts of a set of ellipses
    • xarrowsdraw a set of arrows in 2D or in 3D.
    • xfarcFill a part of an ellipse
    • xfarcsFill parts of a set of ellipses
    • xfrectfill a rectangle
    • xrectdraw a rectangle
    • xrectsdraw or fill a set of rectangles
    • xsegsdraw unconnected segments
  • handle
    • copycopy a graphics entity.
    • deletedelete a graphic entity and its children.
    • gceGet current entity handle.
    • gedScilab Graphic Editor
    • get_figure_handleget a figure handle from its id (obsolete)
    • glueglue a set of graphics entities into an Compound.
    • is_handle_validCheck whether a set of graphic handles is still valid.
    • swap_handlesPermute two handles in the graphic Hierarchy.
    • unglueunglue a compound object and replace it by individual children.
  • interaction
    • dragrectDrag rectangle(s) with mouse
    • edit_curvinteractive graphic curve editor
    • event handler functionsPrototype of functions which may be used as event handler.
    • locatemouse selection of a set of points in a 2D axes
    • rubberboxrubberband box for rectangle selection
    • seteventhandlerset an event handler for the current graphic window
    • twinklehighlights one or more graphical objects by flashing them
    • xclickWait for a mouse click or an event in a graphic window.
    • xgetmouseget the mouse events and current position
  • lighting
  • load_save
    • xloaddisplays in a given window some graphical component loaded from a file.
    • xsavesave graphics into a file
  • polygon
    • polyline propertiesdescription of the Polyline entity properties
    • xfpolyfill a polygon
    • xfpolysfill a set of polygons
    • xpolydraw a polyline or a polygon
    • xpolysdraw a set of polylines or polygons
    • xrpolydraw a regular polygon
  • property
    • getRetrieve a property value from a graphics entity or an User Interface object.
    • setset properties of some graphic objects or uimenus or uicontrol interactive components
  • text
    • graphics fontsdescription of fonts used in graphic figures
    • Math rendering in Scilab graphicsDisplay mathematical equations in Scilab graphics through the LaTeX or MathML languages.
    • stringboxCompute the bounding rectangle of a text or a label.
    • text propertiesdescription of the Text entity properties
    • titlepageadd a title in the middle of a graphics window
    • xlfontload a font in the graphic context or query loaded font
    • xnumbdraw numbers
    • xstringdraw strings
    • xstringbdraw strings into a box
    • xstringlcompute a box which surrounds strings
  • transform
    • movemove, translate, a graphic entity and its children.
    • orthProjComputes the orthogonal projection of a point to a polyline in the plane.
    • rotaterotation of a set of points
    • scalingaffine transformation of a set of points
  • GlobalPropertycustomizes the objects appearance (curves, surfaces...) in a plot or surf command
  • Graphics: Getting startedgraphics library overview
  • Compound propertiesdescription of the Compound entity properties
  • Graphics Entitiesdescription of the graphics entities data structures
  • graphical editorInteractive edition of hierarchical properties of graphic objects
  • piedraw a pie
  • multiscaled plotsHow to set several axes for one curve or for curves with distinct scales
  • xchangetransform real to pixel coordinates
  • xgetgets current values of the graphics context. This function is obsolete.
  • xsetset values of the graphics context. This function is obsolete.
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