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Scilab Help >> Matlab data files I/O

Matlab data files I/O

  • loadmatfileloads some variables from an Octave or a Matlab MAT binary or ASCII data file
  • matfile2sciconverts a Matlab 5 MAT-file into a Scilab binary file
  • matfile_closeCloses a Matlab binary MAT-file.
  • matfile_listvarLists variables of a Matlab binary MAT-file.
  • matfile_openOpens a Matlab binary MAT-file.
  • matfile_varreadnextReads next variable in a Matlab binary MAT-file.
  • matfile_varwriteWrite a variable in a Matlab binary MAT-file.
  • savematfilesaves some Scilab variables in a Matlab MAT-file (binary or ASCII)
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