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Scilab Help >> Elementary Functions > Matrix generation

Matrix generation

  • random
    • grandRandom numbers
    • noisegennoise generation (obsolete)
    • prbs_aGenerates a pseudo random binary sequence
    • randRandom numbers
  • blockdiagCreates a block diagonal matrix from provided arrays. Block diagonal system connection.
  • diagdiagonal including or extracting
  • empty []empty matrix. Array ranges destructor.
  • eyeidentity matrix
  • linspacegenerates linearly spaced numbers between 2 reached bounds
  • logspacelogarithmically spaced vector
  • meshgridCreate matrices or 3-D arrays from vectors replicated in 2 or 3 dimensions
  • ndgridbuild matrices or N-D arrays by replicating some template vectors
  • onesmatrix made of ones
  • repmatReplicate and tile an array
  • squarewavegenerates a square wave with period 2*%pi
  • testmatrixgenerate special matrices, such as Hilbert, Franck
  • toeplitzToeplitz matrix (chosen constant diagonal bands)
  • zerosnull matrix
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