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Справка Scilab >> CACSD > Control Design

Control Design

  • Control Loop
    • augmentaugmented plant
    • feedbackfeedback operation
    • lftlinear fractional transformation
  • Disturbance Decoupling
    • ddpdisturbance decoupling
  • H-infinity
    • ccontrgCentral H-infinity continuous time controller
    • dhinfH_infinity design of discrete-time systems
    • dhnormdiscrete H-infinity norm
    • gamitgH-infinity gamma iterations for continuous time systems
    • h2normH2 norm of a continuous time proper dynamical system
    • h_clclosed loop matrix
    • h_infContinuous time H-infinity (central) controller
    • h_inf_ststatic H_infinity problem
    • h_normH-infinity norm
    • hinfH_infinity design of continuous-time systems
    • linfinfinity norm
    • linfninfinity norm
    • macglovContinuous time dynamical systems Mac Farlane Glover problem
    • nehariNehari approximant of continuous time dynamical systems
    • parrotParrot's problem
  • Linear Quadratic
    • fourplanaugmented plant to four plants
    • gcareContinuous time control Riccati equation
    • gfareContinuous time filter Riccati equation
    • leqrH-infinity LQ gain (full state)
    • lqelinear quadratic estimator (Kalman Filter)
    • lqgLQG compensator
    • lqg2stanLQG to standard problem
    • lqg_ltrLQG with loop transform recovery
    • lqiLinear quadratic integral compensator (full state)
    • lqrLQ compensator (full state)
  • Pole Placement
    • kpurecontinuous SISO system limit feedback gain
    • krac2continuous SISO system limit feedback gain
    • ppolpole placement
    • stabilstabilization
  • Tracking
    • gfrancisFrancis equations for tracking
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