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Scilab Help >> Graphics > 2d_plot > plot2d4


2D plot (arrows style)


plot2d4([logflag,] x,y,[style,strf,leg,rect,nax])
plot2d4(x,y <,opt_args>)



see plot2d for a description of parameters.


plot2d4 is the same as plot2d but curves are plotted using arrows style. This can be useful when plotting solutions of an ODE in a phase space.

By default, successive plots are superposed. To clear the previous plot, use clf().

Enter the command plot2d4() to see a demo.

Note that all the modes proposed by plot2dxx (xx = 1 to 4) can be enabled using plot2d and setting the polyline_style option to the corresponding number.


Demo: plot2d4(); Examples:
// compare the following with plot2d + .polyline_style=4
x = [0:0.1:2*%pi]';
plot2d4(x,[sin(x) sin(2*x) sin(3*x)])

plot2d(x,[sin(x) sin(2*x) sin(3*x)])
e = gce();

See also

  • fchamp — direction field of a 2D first order ODE
  • plot2d — 2D plot
  • plot2d2 — 2D plot (step function)
  • plot2d3 — 2D plot (vertical bars)
  • subplot — virtually grids the figure and sets the plotting area to a chosen cell
  • clf — Clears and resets a figure or a frame uicontrol
  • polyline_properties — description of the Polyline entity properties
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