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Scilab help >> Data Structures > boolean


Scilab Objects, boolean variables and operators & | ~


A boolean variable is %T (for "true") or %F (for "false"). These variables can be used to define matrices of booleans, with the usual syntax. Boolean matrices can be manipulated as ordinary matrices for elements extraction/insertion and concatenation. Note that other usual operations (+, *, -, ^, etc) are undefined for boolean matrices. Тhree special operators are defined for boolean matrices:


is the element-wise negation of boolean b (matrix).

b1 & b2

is the element-wise logical and of b1 and b2 (matrices).

b1 | b2

is the element-wise logical or of b1 and b2 (matrices).

Boolean variables can be used for indexing matrices or vectors. For instance a([%T,%F,%T],:) returns the submatrix made of rows 1 and 3 of a. Boolean sparse matrices are supported.


a=1:5; a(a>2)

See Also

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