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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 2024.1.0. This page might be outdated.
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Scilab help >> Tcl/Tk Interface

Tcl/Tk Interface

  • ScilabEvaltcl instruction : Evaluate a string with scilab interpreter
  • TCL_CreateSlaveCreate a TCL slave interpreter
  • TCL_DeleteInterpdelete TCL interpreter
  • TCL_EvalFileReads and evaluate a tcl/tk file
  • TCL_EvalStrEvaluate a string whithin the Tcl/Tk interpreter
  • TCL_ExistArrayReturn %T if a tcl array exists
  • TCL_ExistInterpReturn %T if a tcl slave interperter exists
  • TCL_ExistVarReturn %T if a tcl variable exists
  • TCL_GetVarGet a tcl/tk variable value
  • TCL_GetVersionget the version of the TCL/TK library at runtime.
  • TCL_SetVarSet a tcl/tk variable value
  • TCL_UnsetVarRemove a tcl variable
  • TCL_UpVarMake a link from a tcl source variable to a tcl destination variable
  • configScilab general configuration. This function is obsolete.
  • wincloseclose windows created by sciGUI
  • winlistReturn the winId of current window created by sciGUI
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