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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
However, this page did not exist in the previous stable version.

Aide Scilab >> Graphiques: export et impression

Graphiques: export et impression

  • xendtermine la session graphique courante
  • xinitInitialisation d'un pilote graphique
  • driverselect a graphics driver
  • xs2bmpExport graphics to BMP.
  • xs2emfExport graphics to EMF (Only under Windows).
  • xs2epsExport graphics to EPS.
  • xs2figExport graphics to FIG.
  • xs2gifExport graphics to GIF.
  • xs2jpgExport graphics to JPG.
  • xs2pdfExport graphics to PDF.
  • xs2pngExport graphics to PNG.
  • xs2ppmExport graphics to PPM.
  • xs2psExport graphics to PS.
  • xs2svgExport graphics to SVG.
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