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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
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Aide Scilab >> Graphiques: export et impression > xs2ps


Export graphics to PS.

Calling Sequence

xs2ps(win_num, file_name [,orientation])
xs2ps(fig, file_name [,orientation])



integer, id of the figure to export.


handle of the figure to export.


string, name of the exported file.


optional character, with possible values 'portrait' or 'landscape'. The default value is 'portrait'.


xs2ps exports the display of a graphic window into a PostScript file.

Note that the generated Postscript file cannot be direcly printed since it requires a header file. The function xs2eps can be used to directly produce an encapsulated Postscript file with a header.


// Postcript export

See Also

  • figure_size property
  • toprint — Send text or figure to the printer.
  • printfigure — Opens a printing dialog and prints a figure.
  • xs2bmp — Export graphics to BMP.
  • xs2gif — Export graphics to GIF.
  • xs2jpg — Export graphics to JPG.
  • xs2png — Export graphics to PNG.
  • xs2ppm — Export graphics to PPM.
  • xs2eps — Export graphics to EPS.
  • xs2pdf — Export graphics to PDF.
  • xs2svg — Export graphics to SVG.
  • xs2fig — Export graphics to FIG.
  • xs2emf — Export graphics to EMF (Only under Windows).
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