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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
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Aide Scilab >> Outils Windows

Outils Windows

  • winopenOuvre le fichier avec l'application appropriée (Windows seulement)
  • winqueryregObtenir une clef de la base des registres de Microsoft Windows
  • MSDOSDetermines if it is the Windows version of scilab
  • chartooemtranslates a string into the OEM-defined character set.(Windows only)
  • consoleboxshow or hide console box (Windows)
  • createGUIDCreates a GUID (Windows only)
  • dosshell (cmd) command execution (Windows only)
  • findfileassociationSearches for and retrieves a file association-related string from the registry.(Windows only)
  • getsystemmetricsRetrieves the specified system metric or system configuration setting. (Windows only)
  • istssessionDetermines if scilab is launched from a ms terminal service session. (Windows only)
  • mcisendstringsends a command string to an MCI device (Windows only).
  • oemtochartranslates a string from the OEM-defined character set into either an ANSI string. (Windows Only)
  • powershellshell (powershell) command execution (Windows only)
  • win64Determine whether Windows x64 version of Scilab
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