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Ajuda Scilab >> Arquivos : funções de Entrada/Saída > dirname


get directory from filenames

Calling Sequence

dirs= dirname(files[,flag [,flagexpand]])



a string matrix giving a set of file names.


boolean optional parameters. (default value %t).


string matrices.


dirname return the dirname of the file entries given in files.

If flag is true the files are first converted to the target type given by the getos() == 'Windows' variable. Moreover, if flagexpand is true leading strings like HOME, SCI or ~ are expanded using environment variables.

Note that dirname(files,%f) can give erroneous results if pathnames given in files do not follow the convention given by the getos() == 'Windows' variable.



See Also

  • basename — strip directory and suffix from filenames
  • listfiles — list files
  • pathconvert — pathnames convertion between POSIX and windows.
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