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Scilab help >> CACSD > gamitg


H-infinity gamma iterations

Calling Sequence

[gopt]=gamitg(G,r,prec [,options]);



syslin list (plant realization )


1x2 row vector (dimension of G22)


desired relative accuracy on the norm


string 't'


real scalar, optimal H-infinity gain


gopt=gamitg(G,r,prec [,options]) returns the H-infinity optimal gain gopt.

G contains the state-space matrices [A,B,C,D] of the plant with the usual partitions:

B = ( B1 , B2 ) ,    C = ( C1 ) ,    D = ( D11  D12)
                         ( C2 )          ( D21  D22)

These partitions are implicitly given in r: r(1) and r(2) are the dimensions of D22 (rows x columns)

With option='t', gamitg traces each bisection step, i.e., displays the lower and upper bounds and the current test point.

See Also

  • ccontrg — central H-infinity controller
  • h_inf — H-infinity (central) controller


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