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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
See the recommended documentation of this function

Manuel Scilab >> Bibliothèque graphique > xget


get current values of the graphics context. This function is obsolete.

Calling Sequence






optional. Set to 1 gives a verbose mode.


Warning this function is obsolete. Use the Scilab graphic objetcs representation instead (see the set and get functions as well as the graphics_entities help page).

This function is used to get values from the graphics context on the topic specified by the string str. When called with no argument, a choice menu is created showing the current values and changes can be performed through toggle buttons.


Get the logical function number used for drawing. See xset.

str=xget("auto clear")

Get the auto clear status ("on" or "off").


Get the background color of the current Axes object. The result is a colormap index corresponding to the color.


Get the clipping zone as a rectangle rect=[x,y,w,h] (Upper-Left point Width Height).


Get the default color for filling, line or text drawing functions. c is an integer projected in the interval [0,whiteid]. 0 stands for black filling and whiteid for white. The value of whiteid can be obtained with xget("white").


Get the colormap used for the current graphics window as a m x 3 RGB matrix.


Get the dash style dash=[dash_number] where dash_number is the id of the dash. This keyword is obsolete, please use xget("color") or xget("line style") instead.


Get font=[fontid,fontsize], the default font and the default size for fonts. size.

fontsize=xget("font size")

Get the default size for fonts size.


Get the foreground color of the current Axes object. The result is a colormap index corresponding to the color.


Get the floating point format for number display in contour functions. Note that str is "" when default format is used.


Get the color number for hidden faces in plot3d.


Get the id of the last available pattern or color, with the current colormap of the current window. In fact pat+1 and pat+2 are also available and stand respectively for black and white pattern.

type=xget("line mode")

Get the line drawing mode. type=1 is absolute mode and type=0 is relative mode. (Warning: the mode type=0 is has bugs)

xget("line style")

Get the default line style (1: solid, >1 for dashed lines).


Get the default mark id and the default marks size. mark=[markid,marksize].

marksize=xget("mark size")

Get the default marks size.


Get the current pattern or the current color. pat is an integer in the range [1,last]. When one uses black and white, 0 is used for black filling and last for white. The value of last can be obtained with xget("lastpattern").


Get the thickness of lines in pixel (0 and 1 have the same meaning: 1 pixel thick).

flag=xget("use color")

Get the flag 0 (use black and white) or 1 (use colors). See xset.


Get the current postion of the visible part of graphics in the panner.


Get the width and the height of the current graphics window dim=[width,height].


Get the current window number win.


Get the position of the upper left point of the graphics window pos=[x,y].



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