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Manuel Scilab >> Bibliothèque graphique > pixel_drawing_mode


bitwise pixel rendering functions.


Here, the color encoding is RGB. The pixel drawing mode is a figure property that specifies a bitwise operation applied on any figure pixel between the incoming color and the already existing color on the figure. The result of this operation will be the new pixel color. src is the incoming color of the pixel. prv is the previus color of the pixel (which is already drawn). res is the resulting color of the pixel (which will be drawn). Possible values for pixel_drawing_mode are:

value bitwise operation comments
0 CLEAR Result color is black
1 AND res = src AND prv
2 AND REVERSE res = src AND (NOT prv)
3 COPY res = src, default value
4 AND INVERTED res = (NOT src) AND prv
5 NOOP res = prv
6 XOR res = src XOR prv
7 OR res = src OR prv
8 NOR res = NOT (src OR prv)
9 EQUIV res = (NOT src) XOR prv
10 INVERT res = NOT prv
11 OR REVERSE res = src OR (NOT prv)
12 COPY INVERTED res = NOT src
13 OR INVERTED res = (NOT src) OR prv
14 NAND res = NOT (src AND prv)
15 SET Result color is white
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