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HDF5 files

  • h5is* tests
    • h5isArrayCheck if the HDF5 object is an array
    • h5isAttrCheck if the HDF5 object is an attribute
    • h5isCompoundCheck if the HDF5 object is a compound object
    • h5isFileCheck if the HDF5 object is a file
    • h5isGroupCheck if the HDF5 object is a group
    • h5isRefCheck if the HDF5 object is a reference object
    • h5isSetCheck if the HDF5 object is a dataset
    • h5isSpaceCheck if the HDF5 object is a dataspace
    • h5isTypeCheck if the HDF5 object is a type
    • h5isVlenCheck if the HDF5 object is a variable length array
  • h5attrCreate an attribute
  • h5closeClose a HDF5 object
  • h5cpCopy an object
  • h5datasetCreate a dataset and write the data
  • h5dumpDump the content of an H5 object on the standard output stream
  • h5existsTest the existence of named object
  • h5flushFlush all the buffers associated with a file
  • h5getGet a named object
  • h5groupCreate a group
  • h5labelLabel a dataset
  • h5lnLink an object to another one
  • h5lsList the content of an HDF5 object (group or dataset)
  • h5mountMount a file on a group
  • h5mvMove an object
  • H5 ObjectsDescribe the properties of the different H5 objects
  • h5openOpen an HDF5 file
  • h5readRead the data of HDF5 dataset
  • h5readattrRead the data of an HDF5 attribute
  • h5rmRemove elements from an HDF5 file
  • h5umountUnmount a previously mounted file.
  • h5writeCreate a dataset (if it does not exist) and write the data
  • h5writeattrWrite an attribute in a group or a dataset
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