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Scilab variable editor





name (single string) of the variable name to edit. The variable must exist in the current Scilab environment. It must refer to a scalar, vector or matrix of

  • booleans (dense or sparse)
  • encoded integers (int8, uint8, int16, uint16, int32, uint32)
  • real or complex numbers (dense or sparse)
  • strings


editvar(varname) interactively edits the variable whose name is provided by varname.

Several variables can be edited in the same time. editvar(varname) must be called once for each of them. In the editor, a new tab is opened for each edited variable.

Predefined protected constants of supported types can't be edited: %pi, %e, %eps, %i, %inf, %nan, %f, %F, %t, %T, home, SCIHOME, SCI, WSCI, TMPDIR.

Editor's features

editvar has numerous features:

  • Matrix visualisation

  • Undo/redo capabilities

  • Cell editing

  • Expression evaluation. Please note that editvar will not store the expression. Only the value.

  • Advanced selection of elements (available with the CTRL key)

  • Plotting

  • Plotting of a subset

  • Variable format (short, shortE, long or longE formats)

  • Column / lines management (insert, delete, copy and paste, ... )

  • Full copy and paste between Libreoffice/Openoffice or Microsoft Excel and Scilab (both ways).

  • Renaming or copy of a variable


a = rand(10,10);
editvar a;
b = ['hello';'good bye'];
editvar b;
sp = sparse([1,2;4,5;3,10],[1,2,3])
close evitvar

See also

  • close — Closes graphic figures, progression or wait bars, the help browser, xcos, the variables browser or editor.
  • browsevar — Scilab variable browser
  • whos — listing of variables in long form
  • edit — edição de funções
  • ged — Editor Gráfico do Scilab
  • tree_show — Displays a tree view of a list, tlist, mlist, cell or structure array, Xcos block
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