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Scilab variable browser




browsevar is the embedded Scilab variable browser.

browsevar lists all user variables the current environment.

browsevar has several features:

  • A simple and comprehensive list

  • Easy tooltips on the dimensions or types

  • Sort by columns

  • Direct connection to the editvar component by double-clicking on the variable name

  • Filter by type from the menu

  • Filter out Scilab predefined variables (SCI, SCIHOME, %pi, etc) from the menu


a = rand(10,10);
b = "my string";
myCell = makecell([2 4],%t, int(-67),rand(2,3),1-%i,(1-%z)^3,1/(1-%z), "abcd", {"are", 45});
myList = list("Hello", grand(2,4,"uin",-100,100), [%t %f %f ]', (1-%z).^[1 2]);
myStru = struct("num",{3.1415, -1, %i}, "pol", {%z (1-%z) 2+%z^3}, "txt",{"Hi" "Hello" "Hola"});
function r=myTest(a, b), c = 2; r = a*c - b; endfunction
statLib = statisticslib;
curves = gce();


Then click on some variables in the browser, to edit or display them.

See also

  • editvar — Scilab variable editor
  • who — listagem de variáveis
  • whos — listing of variables in long form
  • ged — Editor Gráfico do Scilab


6.1.1 Clicking on a variable of type graphic, function, library, list, structure, cell, syslin, or any custom tlist or mlist now displays it.
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