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Entrées/Sorties [fichiers]

  • Répertoire
    • cdchange le répertoire courant de Scilab
    • createdirmakes new directory
    • dirgets file list
    • isdirchecks that a path points to an existing directory
    • lsshows files
    • mkdirCrée un nouveau répertoire
    • pwdaffiche le répertoire courant de Scilab
    • removedirremoves a directory
    • rmdirSupprime un répertoire
  • Chemins - nom de fichiers
    • basenamestrip directory and suffix from filenames
    • fileextreturns extension for a file path
    • filepartsreturns the path, filename and extension for a file path
    • filesepreturns directory separator for current platform
    • fullfileConstruit un nom de fichier complet
    • fullpathcreates an full path name for the specified relative path name.
    • get_absolute_file_pathgives an absolute pathname of a file opened in Scilab
    • getdrivesgets the drive letters of all mounted filesystems on the computer
    • getlongpathnameretourne le chemin au format nom long (Seulement pour Windows)
    • getrelativefilenamegiven absolute directories and absolute filenames, returns relative file names
    • getshortpathnameretourne le chemin au format court (Seulement pour Windows)
    • is_absolute_pathchecks if argument is an absolute path
    • pathconvertconverts a path to an OS path format.
    • pathsepprovides the path separator used in the PATH environment variable of the current OS.
    • splitURLSplit an URL (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP...)
    • tempnamecreates a file with an unique filename
  • file_system
    • copyfilecopies a file
    • deletefiledeletes a file
    • fileinfoprovide information about some files of any type
    • findfilesfinding all files with a given file specification
    • isfilechecks whether argument is an existing file
    • listfileslist of files
    • mdeletedeletes file(s)
    • movefilemoves file or directory
    • newestreturns newest file of a set of files
  • dispfilesdisplays properties of opened files
  • fprintfMatwrites a matrix in a file
  • fscanfMatreads a matrix from a text file
  • getmd5get md5 checksum
  • getURLDownload an URL (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP...)
  • hashget checksum of file or string using various digest algorithms
  • %ioprotected variable providing ids of the standard input and standard output
  • listvarinfilelists variables stored in a binary archive (names, types, sizes..)
  • mclearerrresets binary file access errors
  • mclosecloses opened files
  • meofchecks if end of file has been reached
  • merrortests the file access errors indicator
  • mfprintfconverts, formats, and writes data to a file
  • msscanfreads its input from the character string (interface to the C sscanf function)
  • mgetiparses numbers in a binary file and returns them as encoded integers
  • mgetlreads lines from an text file
  • mgetstrreads a character string from a file
  • mopenopens files in Scilab
  • mputwrites byte or word in a given binary format
  • mputlwrites strings in a text file
  • mputstrwrite a single text in an open file
  • mseeksets current position in a binary file
  • mtellReturns the offset of the current byte relative to the beginning of a file
  • save formatformat of files produced by "save"
  • scanfconverts formatted input on standard input
  • scanf_conversionmscanf, msscanf, mfscanf conversion specifications
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