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Ajuda do Scilab >> Data e Hora

Data e Hora

  • calendarCalendar of a given month and year (Gregorian dates)
  • clockReturn the current Gregorian datetime and international time zone of the computer's clock
  • dateretorna string contendo a data corrente
  • datenumConvert to serial date number
  • datevecDate components
  • eomdayReturn last day of month
  • etimetempo decorrido
  • getdateCurrent datetime or POSIX timestamp from computer's clock. Datetimes from given timestamps
  • nowReturn current date under the form of a Unix hour (timestamp)
  • realtimesets the initial datetime and starts the chronometer, or waits until a given datetime
  • sleepsuspend all code executions (console, scripts, callbacks,..)
  • ticinicia um cronômetro
  • timercpu time
  • toclê o cronômetro
  • weekdayDay's index and name in its week for given dates
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