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Ajuda do Scilab >> Estruturas de Dados > fieldnames


get a tlist, mlist or struct fields names


f = fieldnames(lst)



A tlist, mlist or struct variable.


Strings column vector of fields names.


The fieldnames function returns field names of a tlist, mlist or struct. fieldnames does not work on cells.

As said in rational or syslin help pages, internal representation of some Scilab objects is a tlist (or rlist), so using fieldnames with them will return the generic forms of these objects. For example, for rationals, the function will return "num","den" and "dt".


fieldnames(tlist(['listtype', 'f1', 'f2'], [], []))
fieldnames(mlist(['V', 'key', 'value'], ['a' 'b' ; 'c' 'd'], [1 2 ; 3 4]))
fieldnames(struct('f1', 25, 'month', 'DEC', 'year', 2006))
obj.x = 3;
obj.y = 3;

See also

  • extraction — extração de entradas de matrizes e listas
  • getfield — extração de campos de listas
  • tlist — objeto do Scilab e definição de listas com tipos ("typed lists")
  • mlist — objeto Scilab, definição de listas com tipos orientadas matricialmente
  • struct — Builds a structure or an array of structures
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