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Aide de Scilab >> Entrées/Sorties [fichiers] > Chemins - nom de fichiers > get_absolute_file_path


gives an absolute pathname of a file opened in Scilab


[filepath, filename] = get_absolute_file_path()
filepath = get_absolute_file_path(filename)



a character string: name of the file.


a character string: an absolute path.


get_absolute_file_path(filename) searches in Scilab's internal list of currently opened files the file with name filename and returns its path pathname.

If file is not opened, it will return an error.

Without input arguments and called from a script, get_absolute_file_path() returns the absolute path of the script and optionally its name. When called without input arguments from the command line get_absolute_file_path() returns an error.

In previous version (Scilab 5.0.x) current directory was returned if file was not found.


fd = mopen(TMPDIR+'/foo.txt','wt');
filepath = get_absolute_file_path("foo.txt")
filepath = get_absolute_file_path("foo.txt")

See also

  • dispfiles — displays properties of opened files
  • getshortpathname — retourne le chemin au format court (Seulement pour Windows)
  • getlongpathname — retourne le chemin au format nom long (Seulement pour Windows)
  • pwd — affiche le répertoire courant de Scilab
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