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scilab command line arguments


args = sciargs()


This function returns a column vector of character strings containing the arguments of the Scilab command line. args(1) contains the absolute path and filename of the executable file actually launched (sometimes through a batch file).

This function corresponds to the getarg function in C language.


While the current Scilab session has been opened through the command

C:\Users\Me> C:\SCIdir\bin\scilab -nw -nb -noatomsautoload -args "Hello %USERNAME%" \"%cd%\"

we then get

a = sciargs()
--> a = sciargs()
 a  =
! c:\SCIdir\bin\WScilex-cli.exe !
! -nb                           !
! -noatomsautoload              !
! -args                         !
! Hello John                    !
! "C:\Users\Me"                 !

Let's note that in scilab -nw the "-nw" option is used by the scilab batch file to route the call to WScilex-cli.exe, without forwarding "-nw". Therefore, this one is not returned by sciargs().

See also

  • scilab — runs Scilab in interactive or batch mode with command line options
  • getenv — get the value of an environment variable
  • macrovar — variables of function


6.0.0 A column is returned, instead of formerly a row.
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