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Scilab Help >> Advanced functions > macrovar


variables of function


vars = macrovar(function)



a list, list(in, out, nolocal, called, locals).


a name of a function.


Returns in a list the set of variables used by a function. vars is a list made of five column vectors of character strings:

  • in: input variables (vars(1));
  • out: output variables (vars(2));
  • nolocal: referenced variables which are not defined inside the function and which are not functions (vars(3));
  • called: names of functions called (vars(4));
  • locals: local variables (vars(5));


deff('y = f(x1, x2)', 'loc = 1; y = a*x1+x2-loc');
vars = macrovar(f)

See also

  • string — conversion to string
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