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Scilab Help >> Scilab > Configuration > getscilabmode


returns scilab mode


m = getscilabmode()


Returns scilab mode. 4 modes are possible: "STD", "API", "NW", "NWNI".

"API": Scilab is launch as an API.

"STD": the standard Scilab (gui, plot ...).

"NW": Scilab in command line with the plots.

"NWNI": Scilab in command line without any graphics.


--> getscilabmode()
 ans  =

See also

  • fromc — Checks if current Scilab is called from an external C program (by StartScilab).
  • fromjava — Checks if current Scilab is called from javasci
  • istssession — Determines if scilab is launched from a ms terminal service session (Windows only)
  • scilab — runs Scilab in interactive or batch mode with command line options
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