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(%) special character


Some predefined variables names begin with %, such as %i (for sqrt(-1)), %inf (for Infinity), %pi (for 3.14...), %T (for the boolean constant "true"),...

In addition, functions whose names begin with % are special : they are used for primitives and operators overloading.

For example the function %r_m_r performs the multiplication (m) operation x*y for x and y rational matrices (r). The coding conventions are described in the overloading help page.


x1 = tlist('x',1,2);
x2 = tlist('x',2,3);
deff('x = %x_m_x(x1,x2)','x = list(''x'', x1(2)*x2(2), x2(3)*x2(3))');
x1 * x2

See also

  • overloading — display, functions and operators overloading capabilities
  • names — Naming rules for variables and functions
  • symbols — scilab operator names
  • printf_conversion — mprintf, msprintf, mfprintf C-format specifications
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