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Scilab Help >> Graphics > Color management > getcolor


opens a dialog to show colors of the current or default colormap


c = getcolor()
c = getcolor(title)
c = getcolor(title, cini)



string, dialog title.


initial selected color index. Default value is 1.


index of the selected color, or [] if the selection is canceled.


getcolor opens a window displaying the palette of the current colormap, or of the default one if no graphical figure exists. The user can click on a color to show its index and its RGB values in the bottom bar. getcolor returns the index of the selected color, or [] if the "Cancel" button has been clicked or the window has been closed.


c = getcolor();

c = getcolor("Title foo", color("red")); // preselects the red

c = getcolor("Please choose a color");

--> c = getcolor("Please choose a color")
 c  =

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