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Scilabヘルプ >> Demo Tools > demo_file_choice


choose and executes an item within a list




The function demo_file_choice choose and executes an item chosen in the 'demolist' variable, that shall be written above. The variable 'demolist' is a text matrix whose first column contains names of items displayed in an options window and whose second column contains the names of the files that will be executed. The title of the options window is 'Choose a demo'. The 'path' variable is the access to the files called in the second column. The 'ch' variable allows to avoid the special cases 'root' and 'anim' that are used in peculiar demonstrations of Scilab. Then you have to enter another word than 'root' or 'ch', 'no' for example. If you choose to cancel the options window, the console is put back to its previous width.


      'Wheel simulation','wheel2/wheel_gateway.sce';
      'Bike Simulation','bike/bike_gateway.sce';


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