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Scilabヘルプ >> Demo Tools > demo_choose


create a dialog box for the choice of options


num = demo_choose(fil)



String containing the path of the binary file.


a number of the selected line.


The function demo_choose create a dialog box for the choice of options. It takes as argument the binary file 'fil'. It shall contain the variables 'choice', an array of text within bracket (the different options), and 'titl', the title of the dialog box. The function demo_choose returns the number of line chosen in the options array.


choice = ['Continuous time';'Discrete time'];
titl = 'Select time domain';
save(fullfile(TMPDIR, "example.bin"));
[n]=demo_choose(fullfile(TMPDIR, "example.bin"));
select n
  case 0
  case 1
    disp("Choice: 1")
  case 2
    disp("Choice: 2")

See also

  • x_choose — 対話的な選択ウインドウ (モーダルダイアログ)
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