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Scilab Graphic Editor


ged(action, fignum)



Real: action to be executed on graphic window given by fignum:

  • 1: Select window fignum as current figure.

  • 2: Redraw window fignum.

  • 3: Clear window fignum.

  • 4: Ask the user to select a graphic entity to copy.

  • 5: Paste last graphic entity copied using action 4.

  • 6: Ask the user to select a graphic entity and then move it.

  • 7: Ask the user to select the graphic entity to delete.

  • 8: Start a GUI to edit window properties.

  • 9: Start a GUI to edit current axes properties.

  • 10: Start an entity picker to select a graphic object and edit it using Graphic Editor GUI.

  • 11: Stop the entity picker.


Real: Graphic window number, the figure to edit.


The Scilab Graphic Editor is the underlying Scilab function for the graphic object editor, the visual tool available from the graphics windows Edit menu. ged() is of limited use by itself (most the functionalities are available from other functions), and is only present to ensure that all Object Editor functionalities are also available in the Scilab language.

ged() starts Scilab Graphic Editor on figure number fignum and execute action given by action.

Note that, the Scilab Graphic Editor is implemented using the Tcl/Tk language; it is not available on MacOS, where Tcl/TK is not available.


// Moving a curve
ged(6,0) // Then click on a curve and try moving it

See also

  • object editor — Edition interactive de l'arbre des propriétés des objets graphiques.
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