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Справка Scilab >> Графики > interaction > seteventhandler


set an event handler for the current graphic window





a character string. The name of the Scilab function which is intended to handle the events


The function allows the user to set a particular event handler for the current graphic window. seteventhandler('') removes the handler.

For more information about event handler functions see the event handler functions help.


function my_eventhandler(win, x, y, ibut)
  if ibut==-1000 then return,end
  gcf().info_message = msprintf('Event code %d at mouse position is (%f,%f)',ibut,x,y)

//   -  move the mouse over the graphic window
//   -  press and release keys shifted or not with Ctrl pressed or not
//   -  press button, wait a little release
//   -  press and release button
//   -  double-click button

seteventhandler('') //suppress the event handler

See also

  • addmenu — interactive button or menu definition
  • xgetmouse — get the mouse events and current position
  • xclick — Wait for a mouse click or an event in a graphic window.
  • xchange — преобразование координат из вещественных в пиксельные
  • event handler functions — Prototype of functions which may be used as event handler.
  • figure_properties — description of the graphics figure entity properties
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