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Scilabヘルプ >> Matlab to Scilab Conversion Tips > Matlab-Scilab equivalents > C > close (Matlab function)

close (Matlab function)

Delete specified figure

Matlab/Scilab equivalent

Matlab Scilab
close - xdel - delete

Particular cases


If current figure is a uicontrol one, Scilab and Matlab close are equivalent. But if current figure is a graphic window, Scilab equivalent for Matlab close is delete(gcf()).


If h is a uicontrol figure, Scilab and Matlab close(h) are equivalent. But if h is a graphic window, Scilab equivalent for Matlab close(h) is delete(h).


Scilab equivalent for Matlab close('all') is xdel(winsid()).


There is no Scilab equivalent for Matlab close(name) however, mtlb_close can be an equivalent.


Scilab equivalent for Matlab close('all','hidden') is xdel(winsid()) but Scilab kills all figures even if they are hidden.

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