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Scilab Help >> Data Structures > cells > makecell


Creates a cell array.


s = makecell(dims,a1,a2,



a vector with positive integer elements, the cell array dimension


Sequence of Scilab variables, n must be equal to prod(dims)


resulting cell array


s= makecell(dims,a1,a2, creates a cell array of dimensions given by dims with the given input arguments. The ai are stored along the last dimension first.



See also

  • cell — creates a cell array of empty matrices
  • matrix — reshapes an array with the same number and order of components
  • size — size of objects
  • brackets [..] — Concatenation. Recipients of an assignment. Results of a function
  • cat — stacks vectors matrices or arrays into an hypermatrix or hyperarray


Author : Adrien Granger posted the 14/03/2013 19:17
Given example does'nt sem to work on my latest version

I just get :

!--error 4
Variable non définie : makecell
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