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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.0. This page might be outdated.
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api_scilab is the Scilab interface to read/write data from/to Scilab memory


Since Scilab 5.2.0, Scilab provides a consistent, documented and easy way API.

This API provides functions to read/write data from/to Scilab memory.

It provides many advantages:

  • Management of all Scilab data types

  • Consistency over all data types

  • Error management

  • Fully documented

  • Fully tested by unitary tests

  • Straight and named access (See the call_scilab API) to variables.

  • And it will be maintained over future versions of Scilab

Usually, this API is used to extend Scilab capabilities but can be used in other contexts

  • Libraries or C/C++ functions: Many libraries have been developed on the free/Open source or proprietary markets. This library can be loaded and used in a high level language like Scilab. API Scilab provides the capabilities to interact with such libraries.

  • Scilab can be used as computing engine from a third party software. This feature is called call_scilab when Scilab is used from C/C++ code or javasci when used from Java. Access to variable is done through their names (named variable).

Note that old APIs (stackX.h) will not be available after Scilab 6.0 (included).


5.4.0 Add some functions/macros in replacement of stack functions/macros
  • nbInputArgument

    Replaces Rhs

  • nbOutputArgument

    Replaces Lhs

  • AssignOutputVariable

    Replaces LhsVar

  • ReturnArguments

    Replaces PutLhsVar

  • CheckInputArgument

    Replaces CheckRhs

  • CheckOutputArgument

    Replaces CheckLhs

Add functions to identify list datatypes: isListType, isNamedListType, isTListType, isNamedTListType, isMListType, isNamedMListType

5.5.0 Add functions to manage handles
  • getMatrixOfHandle
  • allocMatrixOfHandle
  • createMatrixOfHandle
  • isHandleType
  • getScalarHandle
  • createScalarHandle
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